Mermaid Tears


This glittery tipple is Mermaid Tears Vodka, a French grain vodka that is supposedly made with the tears of mermaids. Frankly, this brought up all sorts of questions at MoM Towers, so we consulted our Junior In-House Mythological Creature Associate, Taylor. We asked “How do you make a mermaid cry?” Taylor assumes it’s something to do with watching the sad part of that mermaid film with the singing crab. We asked “Why are mermaid tears glittery?” Taylor says that on average, a mermaid eats around 4 tonnes of glitter a year to keep their tail shiny as a way to dazzle and confuse sharks. Glittery tears are a byproduct of this. We asked “Are mermaids friends with centaurs?” Taylor says they’re on pretty good terms.

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